Convicted of "Silent Solidarity" Hope for Assistance in Fines Payment

27.06.2011 09:06

Participants of the action of silent solidarity, arrested in the evening on June 22 and sentenced to heavy fines on the following day, are hoping for the public financial aid. This was reported by one of the convicted, who prefered to remain anonymous. The Maskouski court in Minsk sentenced him to a fine of 25 basic units (Br875 or $176).

According to a 24-year-old young man, a construction worker, he was pushed by police officers from McDonald’s restaurant near «Kastrychnitskaya» subway station towards Liberty Square. According to him, people were outraged. «Are we sheep that they are driving us?» they said. The young man asked why people were not let into the center of the city, but a special forces employee hit his liver area instead of answering, according to BeaPAN.

When the victim sat on a bench in the park in Lenin Street, he was detained together with other detainees and taken to the offenders’ isolation center of the Internal Affairs Department. There, the people were fingerprinted, photographed and videotape; a protokol was drawn up for disorderly conduct, and only then they were taken to the Maskouski court police department, awaiting trial.

As Telegraf previously reported, June 23, Minsk courts sentenced 23 protesters of silent solidarity, held yesterday. All detainees were obliged to pay fines ranging from 2 to 30 basic units ($14 to $210). They are accused of disorderly conduct under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code of Belarus.