Cooks Run State, Yermoshina

12.03.2011 12:25
Архив Редакция

"Bolsheviks' cherished dream came true: women, being cooks in their kitchens, however, run the state," the head of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina. It was stated by her on March 11, awarding the winners of the third national contest "The Woman of the Year."

The ceremony took place at the Belarusian State Academic Musical Theatre, the country’s woman of the year were named there. «Belarus is one of the few countries where the celebration of women is truly of the national character, full of heartfelt and profound meaning. About 70% of civil servants are women,» said Lidia Yermoshina.

According to her, competition «Woman of the Year» is a symbol of female virtue, keeping the world. CEC Chairman added that the contestants are united by «love for life, for children, work and, importantly, for themselves.» Lidia Yermoshina hoped that this would become a national contest in future, BelTA informs.

The opening ceremony was also attended by chairman of the jury Nadezhda Ermakova, a leader of the Belarusian Women’s Union and head of Belarusbank government. «Today we’re celebrating beautiful women not only for their external beauty, but also spiritual, goodness of the hearts, labor achievements and tremendous service to the society,» she said.

Directors of Factories and Organizations Became Winners

The names of the best women of the republic in ten categories were announced during the event. Thus, artistic director of the Belarusian State Circus, Honored Artist of Belarus Tatiana Bondarchuk won in the nomination «successful leadership.»

Deputy Chairman of Hrodna regional organization of the Belarusian Union of Women Lily Kashenkova won in the nomination «public activities.» She is known for the opening of Mothers’ Museum in Hrodna voblast.
Award for «charity and mercy» was given to Tatiana Vdovenko — Director of Production Private Unitary Enterprise «Victoria» from Luninets in Brest voblast. The company helps children with disabilities, provides financial support to children’s homes of family type, as well as children’s shelters and the center of the correction. Thus, «Vitoria» allocated Br233 million ($76.95 thousand) in 2007-2010. In addition, Tatiana Vdovenko is involved in the construction of the church in Luninets.

Prize in the nomination for «contribution to the spiritual and moral rebirth of society» was given to the head of the folklore ensemble «Hastinets» of Rakovski Center for Culture and Leisure, choir director of St. Dominic parish, Elizabeth Petrovskaya.

First prize in the nomination for «professionalism» passed to the CEO of Brest Stocking Organization, Tatiana Motorina, while the prize in the nomination for «loyalty and devotion to the profession» was given to deputy director of the Minsk Tractor Plant Nina Primshits.

Leader in the nomination for «contribution to the revival of the village» was director of the company «Otor» in Chechersk district, Homel voblast, Tatiana Struk.

Invalid of Group 1 among Winners

Disabled of Group 1, the master of fencing sports of Belarus Liudmila Lemeshkevich from Navapolatsk took the lead in the nomination «female courage.» A woman has been engaged in sport dance in a wheelchair since 2000 and has already received six silver and four bronze medals.

The winner in the nomination «Successful debut in the business» became the founder-head of Capital LLC Stroyfutura Marina Mihalkova. Her company sells building materials and is a partner in the charity fund «A touch to life.»

Nominees received their diplomas, gifts and flowers, while the winner — crystal figurines.

Special prizes «Woman-legend» were presented to the Director of the National Research Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Olga Aleinikova, artistic director of Ballet Ensemble «Haroshkі,» People’s Artist of Belarus Valentina Gaeva, the hero of Socialist Labor Elena Pisareva, founder-leader of the Belarusian scientific school Oncogynecology Catherine Vishnevskaya and Director of Mahiliou State College of Arts Ludmilla Mishchenko.