Council of Ministers to Provide Financial Assistance to the Leading State-Run Printed Media

08.06.2010 09:22

The government of Belarus approved the list of 24 state-owned printed media, to which it's planned to allocate subsidies from the state budget in 2010. The respective Council of Ministers' decree №855 was signed on June 3 by First Deputy Prime Minister, Vladimir Semashko.

In addition, the government instructed the ministries of finance and information to stipulate funding of printed media — which editorial staff is subsidized — while forming of the national budget for 2011 and subsequent years.

The list of state-run media, provided financial state aid, according to paragraph 2 of decree №855, includes: «Sovetskaya Belorussia», «Sport panorama», «Respublika», «Zvyazda» (its supplements «Chyrvonaya zmena», «Mestnoe samoupravlenie»),»Narodnaya Gazeta», «Znamya yunosti».

Moreover, the list contains such editions as «Alesya», «Belaruski histarychny chasopis», «Belarus. Belarus», «Belaruskaya Niva», «Vemste!», » Vozhyk», «Raduga», «Golas Radzimy»( its supplement «The Minsk Times»), «Zdravoohranenie», «Zorka», «Kultura», «Litaratura i mastatstva», «Maladost»( its supplement «Byarozka»), «Mastatstva» , «Narodnaya asveta», «Neman», «Polymya» and «Rodnaya pryroda».
As stated in the document, the Ministry of Information must «annually approve the list of printed media, rmentioned in paragraph 2 of this decree».