Court Sentenced Dashkevich and Lobov to Jail

24.03.2011 14:01
Архив Редакция

Thursday, March 24, the court of the Moscow district of Minsk brought leaders "Young Front," registered in the Czech organization, Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobov, in a verdict of guilty. Dmitri Dashkevich was sentenced to two years imprisonment in the general regime colony, Eduard Lobov - four years in the reinforced regime colony.

Young people were found guilty of hooliganism — the beating of two men. Meanwhile, the victims, who had been kept in a separate room throughout the whole trial for reasons of their own security, had not appeared in the courtroom, reports «Nasha Niva

As Telegraf previously reported, leaders of the organization «Young Front,» registered in the Czech Republic, were detained by militia for a fight in the evening on December 18 in Minsk. According to police, the young hooligans beat two people, using a claw hammer. Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobov were charged with hooliganism (Part 3 Article 339 of the Criminal Code of Belarus).

The first court hearing on the matter was held on Tuesday, March 22. The defendants had expressed distrust for the Belarusian court at the very beginning of the trial, declaring the disqualification of a judge. However, their demand was rejected. Dmitri Dashkevich asked to complete «freak show» within one day, which, however, didn’t happen since the court, according to judge Shenko, needed to conduct «an objective investigation into the case.» March 23 the court heard the testimony of witnesses, studied the written submissions of the case. The state prosecutor requested to sentence Eduard Lobov to five years in the reinforced regime colony and Dmitri Dashkevich — to three years in the general regime colony.