13.04.2011 10:50

Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Nikolai Bordyuzha believes that countries should consolidate their efforts in combating terrorism and extremism. At an emergency meeting of the CSTO, which was held in Moscow on 12 April, Secretary General condemned the terrorist attack in Minsk that resulted in the death of innocent people.

«Permanent Council has made a statement, giving the assessment of the terrorist act, committed last night (April 11 — Telegraf) in Minsk. And this statement once again voices the call for consolidation of efforts to combat terrorism and extremism and call for a more effective system of collective security. We are monitoring the situation; we have reiterated that only joint collective efforts can defeat this evil,» said Bordyuzha on the First Channel of the Belarusian TV.

CSTO Secretary General noted that situation has been getting tenser around the world in recent years, and some extremist organizations have become increasingly aware of their will and strength. Bordyuzha believes that «one should put an end to all this.»

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