Customs Union to Introduce Mandatory Reporting on Imported Goods

17.03.2011 11:28
Архив Редакция

The member-countries of the Customs Union intend to introduce mandatory reporting of imported goods. This was stated by the chief inspector of the State Customs Committee of Belarus Andrei Polyanski on March 16. According to him, such a procedure exists in the European Union and simplifies the customs process and other formalities. 

It occurs because preliminary information comes at customs checkpoints, said Andrei Polanski. «The same is planned in the framework of the Customs Union. This procedure is indicated in the Customs Code of the TC, but is non-binding,» BelaPAN quoted a SCC representative.

Andrei Polanski also opined that if the introduction of this procedure as a mandatory helps the staff analyze data on goods in advance, thus tracing the attempts to import prohibited goods. In addition, the formalities at the customs checkpoint will be minimized and the cargo will not be delayed.