Dairy Products Range Narrows, Ministry of Trade

14.06.2011 10:28

Belarus's shops display a sufficient assortment of milk and milk products. There're no problems with their provision and is not expected. Information about the disappearance of kefir is far from reality. But the range of dairy products is still declining. This was reported in the management of the consumer market of foodstuffs at the Ministry of Commerce.

«As usual, summer time, many dairy processing enterprises of the republic pass to making butter and hard cheeses with long ripening times, so the range of dairy products is getting narrowed, but the situation is still far from talking about the deficit,» the Ministry of Trade, BelTA informs.

According to experts, kefir, pasteurized milk, sour cream are socially significant products which prices are regulated by the state. The presence of a full range of such products in the retail chain is strictly controlled. Kefir is not related to the staples and therefore its range is supplemented by non-Belarusian manufacturers.

Major shopping stores shall diplay above ten names for milk, 12 — sour milk products, 40 — yogurt, 20 — cheese, 15 — sour cream, while small stores — at least 3 types of milk, 3 kinds of dairy products, 5 of yogurt, 3 kinds of cheese, 3 kinds of cream.

Meanwhile, the management of trade in Minsk city executive committee reported that some Minsk shops had faced with disruption of kefir and yogurt supply a week earlier. But the Agriculture Ministry and Minsk City Council could resolve the issue.

According to the results of inspections, processors meet trade demand. Any fact of supply disruption is basis for official proceedings and the adoption of austerity measures, reported in the City Committee.