Deputy Director of Gomel Machine-Tool Plant Is Arrested for Bribery

14.07.2010 11:47
Архив Редакция

Deputy Director General of Gomel Machine-Tool Plant was arrested on suspicion of taking bribe amounting to 10 thousand euro from Minsk businessman, reported in the head department to combat organized crime and corruption of Interior Ministry.

The deputy director allegedly got the money for favourable solution of the problem to grant a lease of industrial facilities of the enterprise. According to his official duties, the arrested was responsible for the disposal of property owned by the enterprise. Thanks to this, he had an opportunity to earn by illegal means through its management. Shortly after the arrest, there became known other facts of factory facilities’ lease.

At this moment, it’s already known about the three cases, the deputy director acted in, but detectives are still working, and it is possible that there will be identified other criminal facts, Ezhednevnik informs.

Currently, he is charged under part 3 of article 430 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (acceptance of a bribe in large scale, or by organized group, or by a person, holding responsible position).