07.04.2011 15:08

Banks of Belarus's neighboring countries continue to devalue the Belarusian ruble. So, if in Latvia devaluation reached 50% in some banks, in Lithuania devaluation had reached reached 18% a week before. The situation with the cash Belarusian rubles remains tense in the neighboring countries. For example, only one bank carries out transactions with cash Belarusian rubles in Vilnius.

According to the correspondent of Telegraf, «Citadele banka» in the Lithuanian capital offers the exchange rate of Br3.6 per dollar, or Br5.19 per euro. Devaluation has reached 18% against the rate of National Bank of Belarus. Meanwhile, the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble was 21% in Monday, April 4. The dollar-to-ruble rate amounted to Br3.7 thousand. Litas exchange rate against the Belarusian ruble has risen by 1.3% for two days.

The Lithuanian banks have set restrictions on exchange operations with cash. For example, citizens can one-time exchange less than $1 thousand or €1 thousand.

Meanwhile, the Latvian «Rietumu Banka» reduced the selling price of the Belarusian ruble on April 7. If the dollar could be purchased for Br4.1 thousand yesterday, today the price reduced to Br100. Purchase price has not changed — Br4.6 thousand. Accordingly, exchange rate in Latvia has depreciated by 50% with respect to the official exchange rate of the Belarusian National Bank.

Br-to-RUB rate has also changed. If the official rate of the Central Bank of Russia amounted to Br92.9 on April 6, it dropped to Br92.4 on April 7.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Belarusian authorities refuse to devalue the national currency, despite the fact that international financial experts believe it as a necessary condition for the country’s economic recovery. Thus, experts of Moody’s international rating agency believe that the event, similar to the Russian financial crisis of 2008-2009, could be repeated in Belarus because of problems with the devaluation. Meanwhile, foreign banks are actively devaluing the national currency of Belarus.

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