14.04.2011 11:14

Minsk City Executive Committee has determined the size of material aid to the families of those, killed and injured in an explosion at "Kastrychnitskaya" station in Minsk subway on April 11. According to the decision of the city authorities, the victims of terrorist attacks, which were assigned a disability, wil receive 200-400 basic units (Br14 million, or $4.6 thousand).

As explained in the Minsk City Executive Committee, in determining disability, caused by the explosion injuries, the paid financial aid will be revised adjusted for the previously made payments. Disabled Persons of 1st and 2nd groups will be provided with the payment of up to 400 basic units (Br14 million), the disabled of 3rd group — up to 200 basic units (Br7 million).

Victims, received serious injuries, will get 100 basic units (Br3.5 million), less serious injuries — 50 basic units (Br1.75 million), minor injuries — 20 basic units (Br700 thousand). Bereaved families will receive a thousand basic units (Br35 million).

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