21.04.2011 16:29

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on April 21 in the address to the Belarusian people and the parliament that Belarus cannot imagine its existence without Russia. "When people say - well, now Lukashenko has nowhere to go except in Russia. What a stupidity! We are the closest people to the Russians, and Russians are most close to us," said the president, adding that "Belarusians - it's the best, that the Russians have."

«We have no different from them. But this does not mean that we are henchmen. We are the state. We absorbs what is needed like a sponge. As for defense, we do not pretend for the seizure. No matter how much diehard we are with Russia, but defense — is sacred. We don’t have friends, neither we nor Russia alone. Everybody is gnashing teeth, looking at the east,» the president said.

The president has noticed that Belarus will cooperate with Europe, despite the fact that they’ve cheated us.» «Just listen to what America’s said, being in Lithuania: they see everything! They are more and more trying to drive a wedge. But that’s their problem. And we must learn to resist. God forbid we’ll get to the knife fight!» Alexander Lukashenko said.

In conclusion, addressing the assembled deputies and members of the Council of the Republic, the President said: «Dear friends, sorry for being overtime. But we don’t meet often! Thank you — and do not be afraid no matter how threatened you are! NATO has come to visit us. Welcome! Do whatever you want! Want to see how we fly — look, we have to be totally transparent to the neighbors. MIG-25 — very nice! Therefore we’ve said: guys, look: one won’t find it funny if snoops around here. So let’s live together!» summed up the president of Belarus.

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