Draft Program of Belarusian Development for 2011-2015 Published

11.11.2010 13:57

Belarusian central mass media issued a draft program of socioeconomic development for 2011 - 2015 on Thursday, 11 November. This document will be submitted to the Fourth All-Belarusian People's Assembly for consideration, which will be held in Minsk on December 6 - 7. The citizens can already make suggestions for improving the program.

According to the document, Belarusian socio-economic policy for the next five years is based on the continuity of goals and priorities, formulated and implemented in previous years. The national model of a socially oriented economy has been well proven in the past 15 years and will be basically kept in perspective, «Sovetskaya Belorussia

The main objective is the welfare and improvement of living conditions by perfecting the socio-economic relations, innovative development and competitiveness of the national economy, the program states.

The document provides 1.7 — 1.76 increase of real disposable monetary incomes of the population of Belarus in 2015 to the level of 2010 based on GDP growth in 1.62 — 1.68 times, and productivity — in 1.63 — 1.68 times, the volume of industrial production — in 1.54 — 1.6 times, agriculture — 1.39 — 1.45 times and five-years investment in fixed assets — in 1.9-1.97 times.

The major priority areas of socio-economic development are as follow: human development, enterprise and initiative, sustainable regional development, quality and affordable housing, efficient agro-industrial complex.

Belarusian Standard of Living in 2015 to be Comparable to the Average European Country, Program

The program plans to ensure 62-68% GDP growth in the forthcoming five-year term, 54-60% index of industrial production, 39-45% growth in agriculture; production services with the increase of 1.96-2 times, investment in fixed capital — 1.9-1.97 times.

Achievement of the set targets should increase the GDP per capita, from $14.3 thousand in 2010 to $26-27 thousand in 2015 at purchasing power parity, as well as the productivity per employee — from $26.2 thousand to $49-51 thousand.

The level of economic development in Belarus will be comparable to the average European country by the end of five years, the drafters of the document believe.