Drivers on Strike at Polish Border — Video

13.06.2011 10:26

Sunday, June 12, drivers blocked the road to Bruzhi border crossing in Hrodna voblast on the border with Poland in protest against the decision of the Belarusian government to ban the export of certain goods outside the country. The strike, which began at around 18:00, was attended by over 100 people; there are detainees.

The citizens were outraged with the export ban of some Belarusian products (cereals, pasta, cement, household chemicals, etc.), as well as restrictions on motor fuel export (it’s allowed to transport the tank plus ten liters of fuel once in five days).
Border trade was key earnings or a good addition to modest wages for many residents of Hrodna. June 12, many drivers were sent back at the border with Poland In connection with the ban on the export of fuel and consumer goods. In particular, those, trying to reach Poland for the second time running, were not let across the border, reports «Nasha Niva.»

The government sent Special Forces to disperse the strikers, seeking the return of the old customs regime. Those striking blocked the path to commandos, clasping hands and singing a hymn. Special Forces receded with applause for a moment.

The protesters were dispersed only when riot police applied tear gas against them. Several strikers were arrested.

According to Telegraf, Council of Ministers banned the export of some Belarusian goods by Decree № 755 of June 12. June 11, the Council of Ministers also introduced restrictions on the export of motor fuel. The Government argues such steps by the need to protect the consumer market in order to «ensure the economic stability of the state, as well as the realization of citizens’ constitutional right to a decent standard of living.»