Duties on Imported Cars Tenfold Increased in Belarus

01.07.2011 11:28

July 1, 2011, new customs duties on imported cars for individuals have been introduced in Belarus. The basis for the new fees and rates have become the regulations, currently valid in Russia. However, the duty rate on some cars has increased tenfold.

Duties on used cars older than five years have increased most significantly. Thus, if one had to pay €800 of customs clearance for a vehicle with 2 thousand ccm engine before, it will cost 12 times more — €9.6 thousand from July 1.

Thus, rates for 3-5 year-old cars with an engine of 2 thousand ccm have risen from €0.4 to €2.7. The total fee will increase from €800 to €5.4 thousand.

Customs duty rate on cars up to three years with an engine of 1.4 thousand ccm of no more than €8.5 thousand will make 54% of customs value but not less than €2.5 per ccm. Accordingly, if the car costs €8 thousand, one would have to pay at least €3.5 thousand of customs clearance.

Tariff rate for such vehicles was previously €0.6 per ccm. Accordingly, the total amount of customs duty has increased from €840 thousand to €4.32 (of the cost) or up to €3.5 thousand (of the volume).

Rates and tariffs on imported cars can be found here.