Ecological Accident was Tried to Be Concealed in Svetlahorsk, "Tell the truth!"

06.07.2010 13:48
Архив Редакция

There was an accident on collector of technical sewage of Pulp and Board Plant near Svetlahorsk on the night of July, 2nd. According to the statement of "Tell the truth!" campaign, the factory management tried to conceal collector break and wood pollution by technical drains. The corresponding state bodies were not informed on the accident.

The accident consequences were decided to eliminate by own strength. They stopped leakage and filled dam. But the congestion in one place of a group of people and machinery was noticed by the people.  Having learnt about the accident the ecological services of Svetlahorsk moved quickly on the scene in the morning of July, 2nd, campaign informs.

It was found out that more than 10 thousand cubic meter of technical drains рфв poured out because the break of collector. Drains polluted two hectares of wood.

According to the official site, «Svetlogorsk pulp and board plant» represents an enterprise with full cycle of timber processing and producing crimpled cardboard and cardboard boxes. The enterprise consists of cellulose plant, cardboard and paper factory and cardboard-paper packages factory, all with high level of automated processes, high ecological compatibility and proper level of attention to natural resources.