Economy Ministry Puts off Vodka Price Hike for Two Months

14.06.2011 13:32

Ministry of Economy of Belarus put off the introduction of free sale and retail prices for alcoholic beverages of over 28% strength. The corresponding decree № 89 was adopted on June 13, thus changing the timing of the enactment of the ruling № 49 of March 31, 2011.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Ministry of Economy of Belarus set limits by its decision № 49 on minimum prices for spirits over 28% strength, as well as ethyl alcohol from food raw material, manufactured and sold in the country. The prices will rise on average by 8.4%. Resolution was to enter into force two months after its official publication — June 15.

According to the decree, the selling price for 40% alcohol vodka will be increased by 8.4% to Br6.83 per 0.5 liter (excluding VAT). The retail price of vodka will amount to Br9.4 thousand for a bottle of 0.5 liters. However, limit minimum selling price of alcoholic beverages, sold on the territory of Belarus, is kept at the level of Br13.65 per 0.5 liter (excluding VAT).

Based on AFN materials