EFTA Interested in Free Trade with Customs Union

04.11.2010 14:02

Countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) have expressed a desire to sign a free trade agreement with the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. This was announced by Director of the Department for Foreign Economic Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valeri Sadokho at the 13th Minsk Forum on Thursday, on November 4.

«Today the European Free Trade Association, which includes countries such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, expressed a desire to sign the Customs Union free trade agreement. Such a mandate has been received, and an event, associated with the beginning of negotiations, will take place in Geneva on November 23,» Valeri Sadokho said, BelTA.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, this indicates a strong interest of foreign partners to the opportunities, provided in the Customs Union. At the same time Valeri Sadokho stresses that EFTA is in a free trade regime with the EU.

According to the director of the department, many other countries outside the EU are also showing interest in the Customs Union. In particular, first talks have already been held with Vietnam, Syria and Algeria on the issue of free trade with the Customs Union. Negotiations with Serbia have been completed, at their final stage — with Montenegro. «This suggests that the Customs Union has the perspective, it attracts attention,» Valeri Sadokho said.