Elections Boycott to Identify Fraud, Pazniak

16.11.2010 15:58

Leader of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zianon Pazniak is convinced that "fake elections' boycott is a necessity" under the prevailing conditions in Belarus. "Having reached the impasse, our society can find conclusive arguments to prove the fraud and achieve non-recognition of the elections only by means of boycotting," Zianon Pazniak said on November 14.

In his address to the November Seim participants of the Conservative Christian Party — BPF Party and organization «Adradzennie», Zianon Pazniak mentioned two options. According to the politician, one can either «go, as always, to the falsified elections according to the scenario mode, where neither the candidates nor the electorate has any influence on the voting process, or refuse to participate in a rigid vote.»

According to him, European policy towards Belarus has recently changed. «Europe is ready to recognize fake elections in Belarus and even to accept dictatorship, if it agrees to cooperate with Europe loyally, making some formal concessions. The regime will take it as an indulgence for the further destruction of Belarusian culture, language, schools and the whole Belarusian,» Zianon Pazniak said.

According to the politician, the boycott itself will not «destroy the regime», but «may make the faked elections fail, thus preparing the subsequent regime liquidation, changing the mood of society, giving it an incentive to consolidate an alternative to the regime power,» «Belaruskaya Salіdarnasts» reports.

Zianon Pazniak believes that participation in the rigid elections would be a tactical justification if it were an unconditional and a recognized alternative candidate, able to lead the protest forces.

«There are many options and possibilities of victory in this situation, because there is a core of leadership, action and struggle. Then we’ll have the «Square» and «march» and «strike» and «pressure» or even «revolution» in case of readiness of the society,» the leader of the CCP BPF said.

Pseudooposition Profitably Marks Lukashenko out in the Role of Belarus Master, Pazniak

However, «what is done with the help of regime, external forces and pseudoopposition now, virtually eliminates all versions of public events,» Zianon Pazniak said. As he says, «anti-Belarusian regime has easily created its collective sparring partner,» who «by his pro-Moscow and uneducated statements about the economy and energy,  profitably marks Lukashenko out in the role of Belarus master and interests’ defender.»

«Some figures in the European Union looked at it and decided to support Lukashenko, as the prospect to have extended Russia on their borders does not appeal to them. The two pro-Russian candidates created their own block at that time. All the others refused to enter the unit. A familiar pattern «Milinkevich-Kozulin». If this pro-Moscow scheme continues, the output will be unambiguous — no «Square» of December 19. They are distanced even by Europe,» Zianon Pazniak said.

According to the politician, there is a theoretical possibility of a «strong blow at the illegal election and the usurper, whose power could not be survived by the regime.»
«In order to implement this, all nine «sparring partners» should form a collective statement to the CEC after registration with the requirement to comply with the law and remove Lukashenko from the list of presidential candidates, since he has no legal right to run for the fourth time. In case of failure of this requirement, all nine candidates will have to give up participation in the elections,» Zianon Pazniak said.

However, the politician is convinced that it is impossible in practice. «Half of the candidates are not self-reliant at all, even the sources of their independence lack are unknown,» the leader of the CCP BPF said.

At the same time, Zianon Pazniak said that, despite the adverse conditions for mass events, the party would not renounce the possibility of organizing a «Square». «A lot will depend on the number of people to boycott voting. One of the requirements (to suggest a mechanism) is «New elections without Lukashenko!» Zianon Pazniak summed up.