Election's Unworthy Acknowledging, Niakliaeu

09.11.2010 10:15

Upcoming Belarusian presidential elections on December 19 will not be democratic, potential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu said on November 8 at a press conference on the development of a uniform strategy of opposition in the presidential election. "Even today, they are already unworthy recognizing or taking part in them," the politician said.

«But we know that shouldn’t do this,» Vladimir Niakliaeu said. As the Telegraf correspondent informs, another contender for the presidency Nikolai Statkevich agrees with him, too. According to him, the undemocratic character of the elections can be stated after the phase of the regional electoral commissions’ formation.

«People of the countries, rejecting the right of free choice, were fighting for it through active mass protests. Therefore, we should talk about the coordination of action in this situation. But we should take some measures beforehand, without waiting for Mrs. Yermoshina (CEC head Lidia Yermoshina — Telegraf) to announce on December 19 about the 80 and something percent of the vote, and then catch up to protest. I think we should start protesting now, protesting against the manner of election commissions are formed, against imitation,» he said.

In this regard, opposition politicians suggested holding a meeting with voters at Kastrychnitskaya Square on November 24 to announce their position. However, according to Vladimir Niakliaeu, the protest should be not against but for: for democratic and fair elections.
«The ground for all our arrangements can only be the square. That’s it. There will be the distribution of obligations and responsibilities for the area. Participating in this process — participating in determining the overall strategy,» the leader of «Tell the truth!» said.

«Up to now we’ve managed to achieve only one thing — flash mobs, common picket. Everybody came there, because there was an opportunity to stand quietly in front of the camera, showing off, and then to part,» he said.

According to another potential candidate, one of the leaders of the «Belarusian Christian Democracy» Vital Rymasheuski, the main difference between these elections’ protests from the protests of 2006 is the script of the actions.

«The exact scenario of the Square will be based on the quantity of people and the extent of their readiness for further actions. The most optimistic scenario is a national strike,» he said.

Victory is Important, not the Square, Lebedko

At the same time leader of the United Civil Party, Anatoli Lebedko said that the main task is not to gather people on the Square either on November 24 or December 19, but the victory, or at least the beginning of a real negotiation process between the government and opposition, mediated by international institutions. «Everything else is just tools, including a single candidate,» he said.

«What’s the need for the round table, I don’t know, but I believe that we will be able to motivate the international structures to change their strategy, being underway in Belarus today. And if there is neither square, nor a large number of protesters, the worst will happen — a quiet legitimating, the emergence of the so-called systemic opposition from those, not present her, and the far-distant prospect of Kolya (youngest son of Alexander Lukashenko, Nikcolai — Telegraf),» Anatoli Lebedko said.

According to him, the purpose of coordination is to involve those voters who are still undecided either to «vote for Lukashenko, or for the alternative.» «Those people can’t be attracted by the idea of the Square. They can’t be forced to vote by our calls for democracy and human rights. They need more prosaic things: the way we will tackle the issues of salaries, pensions; the image of the social security system and so on. It is also the Belarusian reality,» the UCP leader.

According to him, it’s necessary to determine who will work with a certain segment of the electorate and carry responsibility. He also suggested that all potential candidates should sign a document, identifying the key position on the elections to coordinate actions. It contains a statement of the main evidence of undemocratic electoral process, as well as the message of international organizations to influence the electoral process (to increase the observers’ number, the timing of their stay, to achieve the right for exit polls through diplomatic channels, to stop the persecution of the press).

«And here comes the political verdict that a system for total fraud has currently been created at the stage of formation of election commissions. And here also comes one main number: 99.78% of representatives of Alexander Lukashenko will count the votes in the electoral commissions,» the UCP head said.

At the same time, he noted that potential candidates possess different potential, and therefore there are different opportunities for collaboration. «Only one political subject, one person — Alexander Lukashenko- is now working in the area specifically and most effectively. But if to discard all the declarations and statements, Alexander Lukashenko is really sowing dissatisfaction among people by his actions in forming election commissions, thus motivating people to enter the Square. Therefore, our proposal is let’s help Alexander Lukashenko,» Anatoli Lebedko said.