Environmentalists Ask Medvedev Not to Finance Belarusian NPP

09.03.2011 13:41
Архив Редакция

Russian and Belarusian public organization applied to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on March 4 to stop Russia's involvement in the Belarusian NPP project, as well as financing  from the state budget. In their address, environmentalists and lawyers also pointed to "numerous irregularities during the public discussion of NPP construction." 

In addition, an address to the Russian president reports the negative evaluation of the Belarusian NPP project by the independent experts, including well-known experts and scholars from Austria and Lithuania, BelaPAN.

«Financing of the Belarusian NPP from the Russian budget is not just wasting money that could help modernize the energy industry. This money could result in future accidents at nuclear power plants in Belarus, already heavily affected by Chernobyl disaster,» noted environmentalists.

«Moreover, nuclear waste will then be exported to Russia, showing dire situation of waste,» co-chairman of the group «Ecodefense!» Vladimir Slivyak. According to him, Dmitry Medvedev must not only stop the funding, but also appoint an independent examination of NPP project.

Appeal to the Russian president was signed by the Russian association «Ecodefense!», «Bellona,» International Socio-Ecological Union and Belarus — «Ecodom,» the Belarusian Party of «Greens,» the Public Environmental Review of the Belarusian NPP, the organizing committee to create a movement «Scientists for a nuclear-free Belarus» and others.