EU Has No Legal Grounds to Impose Sanctions, CC of Belarus Chairman

26.01.2011 13:49
Архив Редакция

Chairman of the Constitutional Court (CC) of Belarus Petr Miklashevich said that the EU had no legal grounds to impose sanctions on the official Minsk. "The elections were conducted in accordance with the Constitution and national legislation," emphasized the CC head.

According to him, this fact makes it possible to assert that «the president, elected at free and democratic elections, is legitimate,» BelTA informs. «And the aftermath of the elections will be legally assessed,» said Petr Miklashevich.

Chairman of the Constitutional Court stated that the fact that the presidential election were in full compliance with the principles and norms of the Constitution and electoral laws of the country  «ensured free and democratic elections.» «The Belarusian people expressed their sovereign will at the presidential elections,» said Petr Miklashevich.

In addition, he reminded that, according to the parliament of Belarus, the unprecedented harsh EP resolution was adopted without sufficient grounds. «As a citizen, I hope that common sense will prevail and no economic sanctions on Belarus will be imposed,» said the head of the Constitutional Court of Belarus.

As Telegraf previously reported, the European Parliament adopted a resolution for the immediate imposition of sanctions on the Belarusian leadership on January 20. In turn, Belarusian deputies and senators stated in their reply to their European colleagues that «the results of the presidential elections in Belarus were undeniable and fully reflected the will of the Belarusian people.»