EU to Present Reform Plan for Belarus in Coming Days

02.11.2010 13:42

European Commission official said that the EU experts had prepared a joint interim plan (JIP), to offer Belarus reforming in the sphere of politics, democracy and human rights, judicial system and the economy. According to the expert, the Commission is finalizing the document to be presented to the public "very soon, in the coming days".

«First, JIP will be submitted to the EU countries, they will discuss its contents, will make their comments. If they agree on all issues, then we can move on to talks with the Belarusian side. This refers to negotiations with the authorities, as well as consultations with civil society. We consider it important for the Belarusian society to be consulted on the reform agenda,» the official said, «European Radio for Belarus

According to the representative of the European Commission, the document will reflect the multilateral reforms. «Reforms in the political sphere, democracy and human rights, the judicial system will be considered as well as the economic ones, including the energy sector, in order to make the Belarusian economy more competitive,» she explained.

In this case, according to experts, the document does not contain any pre-conditions for the Belarusian authorities. «We see no reason to expose any pre-conditions for reform. We believe that reform should begin as soon as possible. It’s time to discuss such points with the Belarusian side, as the way the reforms would be held, and how we can help Belarus to implement them,» the representative of the European Commission said.

«JIP is a tool for reform. The essence of the document is in the reforming, expected in Belarus, and our support for reforming in all spheres, to make Belarus closer to us, not only in the value field, but to develop contacts among people and obtain a strong economy,» the expert said.

Decision on Sanctions is a Balanced Approach, European Commission

According to the representative of the European Commission, the EU’s decision to extend sanctions against senior officials of Belarus and the simultaneous introduction of a moratorium on their implementation is a «balanced approach». «The sanctions have been renewed, but at the same time they are partially frozen. This is the expression of the EU’s disappointment with the extеnt of progress. The EU’s position, expressed in the conclusion of the EU Council, is clear: Belarus is expected a substantial progress,» the official explained.

Moreover, as noted by the European Commission representative, freezing assets, located in Europe, and the Belarusian officials’ banking assets remain in force.

According to Telegraf, on Monday, 25 October, the EU Council decided to renew visa bans for 41 senior Belarusian officials and a moratorium on their implementation against 36 people, including President Alexander Lukashenko. Sanctions are extended until October 31, 2011, as stated in the EU resolution.