EurAsEC Loan Not for Exchangers, Miasnikovich

27.06.2011 09:46

The Belarusian authorities will send the first tranche of the EurAsEC loan to strengthen foreign reserves. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich on June 24. Thus, these foreign currency funds are not meant for sale to the public in exchange offices.

«Of course, the situation in the foreign exchange market is triggered in many respects by excessive demand for cars. About 160 thousand cars have been imported from abroad in Belarus for the six months. Even if a vehicle cost $10 thousand on average, it is easy to calculate the amount of currency needed for this purpose. The currency, earned by all the society,» BelTA quoted Premier.

As Telegraf previously reported, $800 million first tranche of the EurAsEC loan arrived in Belarus on June 21.

Dollar Rate Not to Grow so Far, Miasnikovich

Dollar exchange rate won’t grow «so far», said Miasnikovich. However, the politician didn’t specify the terms. Head of Government noted that the real dollar exchange rate ranged from Br4.5 — 5.5 thousand which could be kept within such a corridor if «we do not provoke it by emission crediting of the economy: housing, farms, roads.»

«It’s impossible to provide both monetary stability and development; these two problems are not solved together, as well as one can’t take sleeping pills along with laxatives. First one should organize the market work, and then deal with issues of development,» said the head of the government.

He promised that the population would be able to buy foreign currency for the treatment, travel and tours in other similar cases. According to Mikhail Miasnikovich, foreign currency will be available for individuals at the exchange points when it is received back from the households. For example, according to the Prime Minister, the exchange offices of the country received more than $200 million in May of which $150-160 million was bought.

«There are three degrees of Belarusians’ poverty: the first one — no money, the second one — there is no money at all, and the third one — we’ll have to sell dollars,» he recalled the well-known joke.