European Parliament to Adopt "Resolution of Missed Opportunities," Milinkevich

19.01.2011 13:47
Архив Редакция

The final decision on the EU measures on Belarus will be taken by the European Commission, however, some paragraphs of the European Parliament's resolution, scheduled to sign on January 20, can be fulfilled in reality, the leader of the Movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich believes. Nevertheless, he considers the document a "resolution of missed opportunities." 

According to the politician, «it’s not about sticks, but more about lost carrots — lost opportunities to modernize the country due to termination of financial assistance and freezing participation in the «Eastern Partnership.» «And the power bears personal responsibility for all this,» Milinkevich’s press service quoted him.

He believes that Belarus is likely to be excluded from the major sporting events, although the very decision will be taken not by the European Commission but the international sports community on its recommendations.

«There is a relatively recent example. Such a sanction was imposed on Milosevic at the time, when Denmark participated in the finals of European Football Championship in 1992 instead of Yugoslavia. This is a strong resonance measure. Both fans and athletes will understand that this is not the West that isolates us, but that it’s a punishment for violation of human rights,» the leader of the Movement «For Freedom.»

As Telegraf previously reported, Strasbourg welcomed the plenary session of the European Parliament to adopt a resolution on the situation in Belarus on January 17. As stated by Dmitri Muratov,the editor in chief of Russian newspaper «Novaya Gazeta,» after talking with the authors of the draft document, the resolution provides «unprecedented» sanctions against the Belarusian authorities.