Experiment with NPP in Vacant Lot, not near Vilnius, Lithuanian MFA

28.04.2011 12:18

Lithuanian Prime Minister Audronius Azubalis expressed concern over the fact that experimental nuclear reactors would be established at the nuclear power plant, which is to be built 50 kilometers from Vilnius. "I want to say only, dear sirs, experiment on a vacant lot, on the uninhabited territory, not near the cities, not near our capital," he said.

According to the Lithuanian prime minister, as these reactors are not experienced in practice, it is impossible to speak about their safety. «It’s just a paper theory», he said, DELFI.
Audronius Azubalis noted that the Belarusian project is being implemented with gross violations of the Espoo Convention and the Convention on Nuclear Safety. «Key legitimate questions of Lithuania about evaluation of the impact on the environment have been unanswered, or there were incomplete answers. This is pure imitation, which is supported by information campaign that all the Lithuania questions are supposedly answered, and Lithuania is satisfied with the answers», the head of the Lithuanian Government said.
People are not important for the NPP builders, Azubalis
Lithuanian Prime Minister also noted that he had not heard until that moment about «an internationally recognized, well-established company expressing wish to invest in the Russian and Belarusian nuclear power plants, although we know that there is a feverish search for such investors.» The reason, according to him is that there are no answers to questions about the safety and economic feasibility of projects. «If it is really safe, then why do they hide the information, refuse to accept the expert, take advantage of the proposed means? This is the main indicator that not everything is in order and that we are all in a great danger,» he said.
Audronius Azubalis stressed that Lithuania has not received yet from Belarus information about possible threats and risks, that’s why it can not make plans for evacuation in case of accidents at nuclear power plants. «We can only deplore the fact that people, to put it mildly, are not important for the proponents of the neighboring projects. Because we’re not just talking about Lithuania, but also the citizens of Belarus and Russia. Public debate about the possible danger is suppressed, even residents of Astravets region are not allowed to express their opinion,» the Lithuanian prime minister said.
However, he noted that he was not against the development of nuclear power in Belarus. «Our basic position is that Lithuania is not against the aspirations of neighboring countries to use nuclear energy. We know perfectly well that Lithuania itself is developing nuclear energy. However, not only the traditions of good neighborliness, but international agreements commit the country to take care of ensuring that its ambitions were consistent with the requirements of safety and public accountability of their country and the world», Audronius Azubalis said.
«We will continue to take all legal measures, I repeat all the measures to prevent unsafe implementation of the projects. I believe that neither Russia nor Belarus can not but hear the voice of the international community. The question is whether they will decide to ignore that voice,» the politician said.