18.04.2011 09:20

Head of the Information and Public Relations of the State Security Committee of Belarus Alexander Antonovich said that "highly qualified specialists of the Institute of National Security and the Academy of Sciences of Belarus are involved in a detailed study of the terrorist' psyche." "They scrutinize thoroughly the identity of the suspect," he said.

According to Alexander Antonovich, another four people, closely related  to the prime suspect, have been detained by law enforcers in the case of an explosion in the subway. The extent of their participation and guilt will be determined in the course of investigation, but the obtained facts have already provided the basis for an unambiguous and fair charge, BelTA informs.

Suspect Got Carefully Prepared for Terrorist Attack, KGB

As noted by Alexander Antonovich, a suspect held reconnaissance of routes, places for bombing, underground security objects, timing of trains and people circulation. «All this training was conducted the day before, April 10, from 16:38 to 17:10,» said the representative of the KGB.

He said that investigators had carefully examined the place of manufacture of explosive devices and found a remote device. Also, experts are studying the characteristics of explosives.

To solve the crime, the investigators had to examine video footage, phone calls, conduct operational and investigative activities, interrogate the citizens. «Any aspect can’t be taken separately. This is a titanic work of many people. Picture is based on the smallest pieces of information,» said Alexander Antonovich.

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