15.04.2011 10:21

First Deputy Interior Minister of Belarus Oleh Pekarski reported on April 14 that the perpetrators of terrorist acts in Minsk subway is a native of Vitsebsk. The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also noted that the offender was under extreme intoxication when arrested.

«As for motivation, this person has hypertrophied self-esteem, self-importance, reflected in the rejection, hatred of the successes and achievements of ordinary men,» said the employee of the KGB anti-terrorist center, Ihor Kotsenev, on ONT TV channel.

There’s Woman among Suspects in Terrorist Attack in Minsk

In turn, Deputy Chief of Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Belarus Oleh Voronin said that there’s a woman among the five detainees in the criminal case.

As Telegraf previously reported, Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved reported on April 14 that investigators had found a place for the bomb manufacture. He also assured that the bomb had been detonated remotely. According to Andrei Shved, the man, who made a bomb for a terrorist attack in Minsk subway, had also manufactured devices for the bombings in Vitsebsk in 2005, in Minsk in 2008.

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