Export Oil Duties Reduced in Belarus since July 1

01.07.2011 12:31

Belarus rates of export customs duties on petroleum products similar to those, operating in Russia, will come in force on July 1. Duty on crude oil has fallen in price from $462.1 to $445.1 per ton, oil with sulfur content - from $217.5 to $205.8 per ton.

Duty on light oil (light distillates, middle distillates), exported outside the customs territory of the Customs Union, has also decreased — from $309 to $298.2 per ton. Duty on heavy oil products (fuel oil, oil, waste oil) has decreased from $215.8 to $207.8 per ton, BelaPAN.

Tax on propane, butane, ethylene, propylene, butylene and butadiene, as well as other liquefied gases will be $172.9 per ton; petroleum jelly, mineral waxes, and similar products — $207.8, gasoline and naphtha trade — $400.5.

In addition, tariffs for transporting petroleum products on the territory of Belarus increases by 15.9% from July 1. Now, the tariff for a ton of oil per 100 kilometers will rise from $1.64 to $1.9.