Families of the Dead in Pinsk to Get Another Br50 Million

05.11.2010 10:00

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree № 565 "On providing financial assistance to families (close relatives) of the killed (died) and persons, affected by a disaster in "Pinskdrev" joint company with limited liability" on November 4.

According to the document, a family member or a close relative of the dead will be paid 1.5 thousand basic units (Br52.5 million), people, who received serious injuries, will get up to 600 basic units (Br21 million) and people with slight injuries — up to 300 basic units (Br10.5 million).

«Brest Regional Executive Committee will set up a commission to determine the amount of compensation based on the severity of injuries, received by the affected people. All payments to victims will be implemented through the surplus fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus,» the press service of the State.

According to Telegraf, members of the supervisory board of «Pinskdrev» Holding Company» agreed at a meeting on November 1 to provide additional financial assistance of Br30 million to the bereaved families and Br20 million to the injured workers. In general, payments to the families of the dead will amount to Br100 million each, to the victims — Br50 million, without compensation from the presidential fund.