Films about Lukashenko are just Kremlin Politicking

19.07.2010 15:44
Архив Редакция

The information war started by the Russian TV channels against Alexander Lukashenko is not care of democracy in Belarus, and it is "just the Kremlin politicking". It was stated on July, 19th by Vital Rymasheuski, presidential nominee from the not registered party "Belarusian Christian democracy".

According to the politician, some programs shown on the Russian TV channels are the Kremlin reaction to Minsk blackmail concerning the Customs Union and to the loud Antirussian statements of the Belarusian leader. Informational controversy can’t be regarded as the Russian concern of observance of human rights and disappearance of known people in Belarus, BCD leader said. «The Russians are as much democrats as Lukashenko is the fighter for independence», Vital Rymasheuski said, the party press-service informs.

The presidential nominee considers that Alexander Lukashenko «simply clings to the power» and he only «situationally looks like a fighter for independence». Thus, according to the oppositional politician, Russia may try to weaken or dethrone the operating Belarusian authorities.

Therefore the paramount issue of democratic opposition in the given political situation is «to intercept his (Lukashenko — Telegraf) power, not giving it to Russia and its proteges», Vital Rymasheuski stated.