Gas Price for Belarus in 2011 to Be 250 Dollars

25.06.2010 17:15

June 25, the shareholders of Gazprom approved the agreement, under which in 2011Beltransgaz may purchase from Russian gas holding company 22.5 billion cubic meters of gas at 5.625 billion dollars. Thus, gas price for Belarus will be 250 dollars per thousand cubic meters next year.

The agreements also stipulates that next year Beltransgaz will provide services on gas transit through Belarus using its gas transportation system and Belarusian part of Yamal-Europe gas pipeline in the amount of not more than 48.2 billion cubic meters, RIA Novosti informs.

For the transportation of natural gas in 2011, Gazprom should pay Belarus not more than 600 million dollars. However, in 2010 it’s stipulated possibility to pay 700 million dollars for transit.

There are no fundamental differences during the talks with Belarus, Gazprom

Russian gas monopoly, Gazprom, notes the progress in talks with Belarus on the development of addendum to the contract for 2010. «There is a progress, there are no fundamental differences. We hope that the addendum will be signed in near future», stated on June 25 the chairman of gas holding company, Alexei Miller, at a press conference after the annual shareholders’ meeting.

«At the time, we are in dialogue, in contact with Belarusian colleagues, there is a constructive dialogue, and all issues of principle of this addendum have been solved», Alexei Miller reported.

As the head of Gazprom stated, the phone talks with Beltransgaz’s management and First Vice-Premier of Belarus, Vladimir Semashko, were resumed after the full restoration of transit and supply late in the evening of June 24.