Gazprom: It's Not Just Our Gas, It's Our Pipeline!

23.06.2010 13:55

Official representative of Gazprom, Sergei Kupriyanov, stated that Belarus had decided to cut Russian gas supplies to Europe "having no reason for that". "It's not just our gas! It's our pipeline, owned by Gazprom on the rights of property!", Russian gas monopoly's spokesman said.

«Repeated requests, since March of this year, to Beltransgaz management and Belarusian government with a demand to repay their debts have no results.  Moreover, Belarusian colleagues are aware well what sanctions can be applied under the contract in case of debt- supplies reduction. This is exactly what was done yesterday by 15% and today (June 22) by 15% in strict accordance with the contract», Gazprom official representative noted.

Transit blocking is not a reason not to pay debts, Kupriyanov

Sergei Kupriyanov assured that Russian holding company would fulfill all its obligations on gas supply to Europe. «And we would like to tell Belarusian colleagues: your decision to block the transit  is not a reason not to pay debts!», the spokesman of Russian gas monopoly declared.

According to Sergei Kupriyanov, if it is necessary, Gazprom will pump gas to Europe through Ukraine and has already received confirmation from the Ukrainian counterparts about Kiev readiness to provide facilities of Ukrainian gas transportation system, PRIME-TASS informs.

Another opportunity to supply gas to European consumers, according to Gazprom representative, is the use of gas from underground storage facilities in Europe and from the spot market. «First of all I should notice that there are no problems. We are confident that our European customers will receive all the necessary volumes of gas under our contracts, regardless of Minsk’s actions», the spokesman of Russian holding company summed up.