20.04.2011 16:23

Belarus GDP should grow annually by 10% in the current five-year plan. This was stated by First Vice Premier of the country Vladimir Semashko in Minsk on April 20. "The Belarusian manufacturers must create a competitive product and be able to sell it in the foreign markets. So, the GDP of Belarus will increase," he said.

«This is not an end in itself, but a requirement of life; our economy will develop — our people, our future generation will live better,» BelTA quoted Vladimir Semashko.

According to Vice-Premier, today the Belarusian producers have to compete in the foreign markets «with strong global players.» «We have to stand there, to gain a foothold,» Vladimir Semashko said, adding that he also visited the Minsk Tractor Plant  on April 20, where he was again convinced of the good export prospects of the company. «The proportion of MTP in the foreign market is growing year by year,» he stated.
«Belarus can survive with open economy if she could buy energy, raw materials, make competitive product of this raw material and be able to sell it,» emphasized the First Vice-Premier. Vladimir Semashko also said that Belarus was importing 21.7 million tons from Russia that year.

In addition, the deputy head of the government praised the work of the State Standard on building-up export capacity. «There is great merit of State Standard for our product’s moving throughout the world and being praised for its quality. Gosstandart carries out its work in this direction professionally and systematically,» said Vladimir Semashko.

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