Government of Belarus to Regulate State of Emergency

14.06.2011 13:08

June 8, the Council of Ministers of Belarus passed a resolution №734, regulating registration of persons engaged in providing state of emergency in the country. The document, signed by First Vice Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, is adopted in accordance with Article 21 of the Act "State of Emergency" of June 24, 2002.

Legislation hadn’t earlier regulated specific procedures related to the state of emergency.

The document stipulates accounting law enforcement officers and agencies, as well as other citizens, involved in providing state of emergency. To this end, their personal data, information about the period of their participation in the state of emergency, as well as information necessary for the provision, stipulated by the legislation guarantees and compensations, will be gathered.

The document, which text can be found on the national legal Internet portal, shall enter into force after its official publication. The very state of emergency is introduced by the presidential decree.