09.04.2010 16:54

Thursday, April 8, in Grodno on Lenin Square, the chairman of Grodno regional council of deputies, Arkady Karput, was arrested. As it's reported, the deputy was detained at lunch time near the building of Grodno regional executive committee. The official of Grodno regional prosecutor's office, Vyacheslav Ignatik, confirms this information.

A warrant for the arrest of Arkady Karputy was signed by Prosecutor General of Belarus, Grigory Vasilevich, who relieved the chairman of the Grodno regional council of the inviolability of a deputy, Grodno «s13» blog informs.

According to one of the officials of Grodno regional council, he has no official information on this subject, and therefore «can not refute or confirm it». «I do not have such official information. There are rumors, but I can say nothing about them», European Radio for Belarus quotes the words of official.

In his turn, the representative of Grodno regional prosecutor’s office, Vyacheslav Ignatik, reported that he can not add anything else on this subject. «I can add nothing, I’ve heard about the arrest of Arkady Karput from our officers. But I think that this information should be checked at General Prosecutor’s Office, because only  General Prosecutor’s Office deals with it and only this office can authorize the arrest of such kind of a person», he said , Belarusian service of Radio Liberty reports.

However, the press service of General Prosecutor’s Office reported on the information about the arrest of Arkady Karput that  they «have no information on this issue, and they can neither confirm or refute it».

The chairman of Grodno regional council of deputies, Arkady Karput, was four times elected to his post, and every time it was almost unanimously.

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