22.04.2011 12:27

Court of the Leninski District of Minsk sentenced two leaders of homeowners' associations, the association's chief engineer and superintendent of the company, engaged in service elevator systems, for misappropriation and embezzlement of corporate finance. According to approximate estimates, the total loss from the activities of criminal groups amounted to Br40 million (over $13 thousand).

According to the press officer in the Leninski district police department, Vladimir Kucharczyk, the convicted abused their official power, by forging documents for the repair of lift equipment. Funds, allocated for the work, were «laundered» through front companies and were eventually plundered. In addition, heads of associations were engaged in the illegal bonus system as well as misappropriation of property.

The court sentenced three criminals to imprisonment with confiscation of property for 3.5 years’ suspended sentence. The fourth gang was sentenced to three years and three months of intensive treatment with reparation of damages amounting to more than Br21 million.

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