Hackers Announced about "Explosion" of Belarusian President's Site

13.06.2011 17:06

Internet resource for organization of collective dos-attacks "Putinvzryvaetdoma" informed June 13 about the "explosion" of the official site of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. As of 16:00 www.president.gov.by site won't work.

Organizers announced the launch of a distributed DDOS-attack on the official web-page of Alexander Lukashenko two days ago for «pissing away such a country.»

The report of the successful «explosion» of the site also states: «We wish speedy recovery and a new, appropriate leader for Belarusians.»

«Putinvzryvaetdoma» is a tool for collective distributed ddos-attacks (derived from English. Denial of Service, DoS), aimed to disorder sites by overloading the capacity of the attacked servers. Each visitor can take part in the attack, voluntarily providing the resources of the computer. Principle of this attack is based on a large number of connections with JavaScript on the client side. Visitors can chat, make suggestions and see a list of victories.