Head of Ivyanets UPB Branch Sobol is Exculpated

13.07.2010 13:57
Архив Редакция

Investigation bodies closed a case against Teresa Sobol, chairman of Ivyanets branch of the Union of Poles, which is not recognized by the Belarusian authorities. The reason is the absence of corpus delicti. It was found out that Teresa Sobol hadn't commited any crimes while being a director of the Polish house. Thereof she was brought in a verdict of not guilty in what she had been charged for.

The Investigation bodies charged Teresa Sobol for receiving in 2004 the monetary help from the UPB leaders in amount of 600 thousand roubles (about 280 dollars), the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty informs.

The chairman of the Ivyanets branch of the independent UPB was accused earlier under p. 2 art. 210 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (abuse of power made by group of people). In May, 2010 qualification of incriminated article was changed to p.1 (abuse of power by the official).

However, as the fact of the crime wasn’t proved, the case was closed.