Hundreds of People Search Missing Belarusian Boys for Five Days

29.03.2011 15:07
Архив Редакция

Two missing boys Ihor Halimski and Vladislav Yurov, have been being searched in Vitebsk for five days. Dozens of volunteers have joined the search beside several hundred law enforcement officials. Search radius has been expanded - the neighborhood the boys live, Vitsebsk surroundings, the suburban villages, summer villages, forest belts.

Head of the Railway Department of Internal Affairs of Vitsebsk Alexander Cherniavski says that law enforcement officers are working out all the possible versions. In addition to the personnel of Vitsebsk police department (about 150), the personnel of Vitsebsk garrison of the Interior has joined the attempts to find the boys. Every day, divers are inspecting the bottom of the Zahodniaya Dzvina River, flowing near the houses of the missing boys; the helicopter is circling over the area, BelTA informs.

Policemen are inspecting all possible abandoned buildings, basements, manholes, attics and are reporting on the results of searches. Orientation on the missing schoolboys has been sent to all the district police departments, as well as distributed among the drivers of buses.

The information about missing children has been being broadcast on large screens, installed in the center of Vitebsk, since March 29.

Alexander Cherniavski has expressed special gratitude to the volunteers, joined the search for missing children. Many citizens of Vitsebsk print themselves and paste leaflets with orientation on the boys. At the same time the chief police department of Vitsebsk doesn’t consider it possible to involve volunteers directly in the inspection of places where children could potentially be, because people do not have the necessary experience and technology of search. Nevertheless, Alexander Cherniavski has assured that the search for the boys won’t stop until the boys are found.

According to Telegraf, a message about the disappearance of two children of 2002 and 2003 years of birth was received by Vitsebsk railway police department on March 24. According to the parents, children left home around 15:00 and have not returned so far.
The police ask to call in Vitsebsk with information on the children’s whereabouts. Telephone numbers are given below:
 36 25 52; 36 50 83; 8 (0295) 141 181, or 102
1) Halimsky Ihor Ruslanovich (right photo), born 04.07.2002, address: Vitsebsk, 190 Leningradskaya Street. Distinguishing characteristics: around eight years of age, height 160 cm, slim builds, brown eyes, straight dark brown hair. He was wearing: brown sheepskin coat, a knitted black hat with a cartoon figure, blue sweater, gray pants, black winter boots and black backpack with orange accents. Special marks: a mark of the burn on the right hand near the thumb.

2) Yurov Vladislav E. (left photo), born 19.01.2003, address: Vitsebsk, 29 Danukalova Street. Distinguishing characteristics: around eight years of age, height 140 cm, slim builds, blue eyes, straight light brown hair. He was wearing: a knitted dark blue cap with a puma logo, long orange jacket with hood and blue accents on the chest, blue jeans, black boots with orange stripes and a zipper. Special marks: a scar under his left eyebrow.