Import of Ukrainian Beer to be Resumed after Signing of Price Agreement

18.01.2011 11:43
Архив Редакция

Import of Ukrainian beer in Belarus will be resumed after the signing of price agreements. This was reported in Belgospischeprom. As described in the organization, the Ukrainian suppliers of beer will be granted import licenses as soon as they sign price agreements. 

Belgospischeprom noted that according to the decision of the Council of Ministers of Belarus № 1860 of December 21, 2010, Ukrainian malt beer imports to Belarus until 31 December 2012 should be implemented by a one-time license, issued by the Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with Belgospischeprom. «Ukrainian brewers have to agree with the concern on the minimum price to obtain such a license,» added in the organization.

«The goal of innovation is to place Belarusian and foreign producers on an equal footing and to prevent beer import at prices lower than domestic ones,» the concern explained. Belgospischeprom also reported that the «negotiations on this issue had some results — the price agreement had already been signed with the company «SUN Interbrew Ukraine,» part of the world’s largest brewer, on January 17, 2011.»

Meanwhile, representative director of Obolon company in Belarus Aleksei Boliliy noted that the Ukrainian producer categorically rejected the conditions of price agreements, proposed by Belarus.
«If we accept this proposal, the price of our products in the Belarusian market will grow by 50%. Such a significant price increase of our products, would, certainly, impede its implementation on the territory of Belarus,» said Aleksei Boliliy, BelaPAN.

At the same time representative director of Obolon company added that such price increases would make the Ukrainian beer uncompetitive on the Belarusian market.

«Ukrainian brewers intend to appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to resolve the issue. Therefore the resolution of the problems is possible to be stretched until consideration by the Ukrainian government,» said Aleksei Boliliy.