Interior Ministry to Punish for "Wrong" Applause on July 3

28.06.2011 09:08

Police promised to punish the participants of a possible "silent" protest, if they meet and applaud at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk on the Independence Day of Belarus on July 3. On this day, Minsk residents and guests will be able to applaud with impunity only to the veterans, the parade participants and performers, said the deputy head of Minsk city executive committee, Ihor Evseev.

The police chief of Public Security said that according to the decision № 1554 of Minsk city executive committee, any unsanctioned action is banned at Kastrychnitskaya Square by the city authorities, BelaPAN.

Ihor Evssev also said that all staff of the Minsk police garrison, as well as part of the interior troops would be involved to ensure public order during Minsk holiday, while police would double its service.

270 employees of traffic police will be involved to ensure road safety. 95 check points with metal frames are planned to be set up all round during the events.

«Criminogenic situation in the city is controlled by police. There is no information about the reasons to prevent a holiday,» said Deputy Head of Minsk police.

In turn, the head of law enforcement at the Interior Ministry, Ivan Kubrakov, added that «the citizens won’t be detained on July 3, if they don’t disturb public order.»