Iran Buys Two S-300 Systems in Belarus, Mass Media

04.08.2010 14:31
Архив Редакция

Iranian FARS news agency reported that armed forces of the Islamic republic received four S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, despite Russia's refusal to perform the contract on these weapons. Two of them were bought in Belarus. The origin of two systems more is unknown.

FARS also reported that Iranian engineers were considering the possibility to start their own production of S-300, informs.

Information on Iran’s disposal of S-300 missiles was published on (in Farsi) around 9 a.m. Soon, Fars editorial board deleted this message. However, the information had time to spread to international agencies. In particular, it was republished by Associated Press and ITAR-TASS. At the moment, Google search allows to detect «the trace» of this message on Fars web-site.

We’ll remind that in April, during the parade in Tehran, there were presented new anti-aircraft missile systems, which, according to Iranian military officials, are «analogue of Russian S-300, but designed by local engineers».


S-300 is anti-aircraft missile system, designed to defend major industrial and administrative facilities, military bases and command posts from air and space attacks of enemy.

This system is able to destroy ballistic targets, attack ground targets theoretically. Last modified S-300 systems are able to destroy enemy aircrafts at a distance of 150 kilometers and a height of up to 27 kilometers.