It's Very Difficult for Belarus to Be Squeezed by Russia and the EU, Lukashenko

09.07.2010 14:58
Архив Редакция

It is very difficult for Belarus to be squeezed between the EU and Russia, Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting with European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Füle. "Your cooperation with Russia is clear. Your dependence is of approximately the same kind as we have. Of course, you are stronger and can talk calmly to Russia the way you need. But we are squeezed by both sides - you and Russia, it is very difficult for us", Belarusian president said.

«But I want to emphasize once again: we are not going to kneel», Belarusian leader added, addressing Stefan Füle.

The head of state insists on equal treatment in respect of Belarus within the Eastern Partnership», BelTA informs. «I would like us to be treated just like any other in the Eastern Partnership. The most important thing is that you tell us: if Belarus does not suit you in the Eastern Partnership, in cooperation with the EU — you will tell us honestly, let’s have no extra hope and wait for better times. It will be honest and in a masculine way», Alexander Lukashenko said.

Moreover, the president of Belarus underlined: «If Europe wants to position itself as Europe, but not Western Europe, as it is now, then it will not refuse to cooperate with the center of Europe and with its central-eastern part — Ukraine and Belarus».

In a conversation with European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy, Alexander Lukashenko noted that Belarus will move its own way, pursuing sovereign policy. During the meeting, Belarusian leader also proposed to agree on future steps of cooperation. «There staked one of the most important issues — cooperation in Europe. And a lot depends on your visit», the president said, addressing Stefan Füle.

In his turn, the European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy stressed that the EU would like to see Belarus as full-fledged member of the European Community, which it should become, according to Stefan Füle.