KGB Searched House of Sannikov's Head of Staff

06.01.2011 10:13
Архив Редакция

KGB officers raided the house of Eugene Afnagel, the head of the electoral headquarters of the former candidate Andrei Sannikov, in the village Malinauka Minsk region on Wednesday, January 5. The activist was not at home. KGB seized a video camera and computer hard drives during the search.

At the same time, similar searches were held in Slutsk in apartments of civic activists Vitali Omelkovich and Denis Balakirev under the criminal investigation into riots in Minsk on December 19. According to human rights defenders, neither of them participated in the opposition rally as they were at polling stations in Slutsk as observers of the vote counting, the human rights center «Viasna» reports.

However, the KGB continued to examine the possible participants of the opposition action. A student of European Humanities University Hleb Khomutov, who had previously served 12 days of arrest in Zhodina, was detained in a train on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border for interrogation on January 5.

The same day KGB called Roman Gritsevich, representative of the ex-presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, to come for interrogation. His home had also been searched the night before.

An activist of the campaign «Tell the truth!» Pavel Vinogradov was also searched at his place at night January 4. He was taken away for questioning at the end of the search.

According to Telegraf, KGB officers conducted searches of suspects, the NGOs offices, independent media, the apartments of opposition parties and organizations under the criminal investigation into the organization of an unauthorized rally on December 19.