Lack of Basic Agreement with EU is Not Our Fault, MFA of Belarus

04.11.2010 15:05

Lack of basic legal agreement with the European Union, fixing mutual commitments, is not the fault of Belarus. This opinion was expressed by the head of the European Cooperation in Europe of the main department of Belarusian Foreign Ministry Roman Romanovski. "The process of ratifying the agreement on partnership and cooperation has been frozen by the European Union in its time," the official added.

According to Roman Romanovski, Belarus expects to return to the question of concluding a framework agreement on cooperation with the EU, BelaPAN.

Foreign Ministry spokesman adds that the absence of a treaty is not an insurmountable obstacle to the development of political dialogue. In particular, the official says, high-level contacts with the central authorities of the EU and EU member states have recently intensified. Expert consultations have been established and actively maintained in such areas, as energy, transport, customs, environmental protection, standardization and certification between branch offices of Belarus and the European Commission.

«Active and tight interaction between Belarus and the European Union at both the political and expert level creates objective conditions for the settlement of the legal aspects of bilateral relations and their ascent to a higher level of partnership the way it is provided by the very concept of «Eastern Partnership», Roman Romanovski stressed.

«Eastern Partnership» is Not a Choice of the West Due to Russia, Foreign Ministry

«Eastern Partnership» is not our choice in favor of the West due to Russia, but more balanced building relations with our biggest western neighbor — the EU, in the priority vectors,» Roman Romanovski said.

According to the representative of the Foreign Ministry, Belarus considers «Eastern Partnership» as a platform for dialogue, exchange of experience and, most importantly, convergence between EU and Belarus. «We see its historical mission in it,» Roman Romanovski said.

The official also added that for its part the Belarusian government is ready to make every effort to ensure the «Eastern Partnership» to become a real space of peace, stability and prosperity for all its peoples and citizens. In addition, Roman Romanovski pointed out that the Eastern Partnership should not provoke a fight for the influence in the region and not stimulate the creation of new dividing lines. Therefore, Belarus supports the proposal of Poland and other EU countries to establish a group of friends of «Eastern Partnership».

«We believe that Russia, Kazakhstan, the European Free Trade Association should be extensively involved in projects under this partnership to enhance the practical value of this initiative in a regional perspective,» the representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said.