Lebedko Proposes to Re-sign the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus

27.07.2010 12:01
Архив Редакция

Chairman of the United Civil Party, Anatoly Lebedko, initiated the re-signing of the declaration of state sovereignty of Belarus. "The time is merciless. There are no longer alive many of our colleagues, those who initiated the adoption of historic document, those who voted for the declaration", the politician said.

«I think, this is right and important to have the text of the declaration with the signatures of its fathers. Let it happen with 20-year delay, but to delay does not mean to be late forever. This is a part of the history of independent and European Belarus», the UCP website quotes Anatoly Lebedko.

According to the party leader, the declaration is as canvas of Renaissance artists. «The more time has passed, the more enthusiastic reviews and the higher price they have», Anatoly Lebedko commented on his initiative.

This year marks 20 years since the announcement of state sovereignty and independence of Belarus.