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President of the United Civil Party, Anatoli Lebedko, who has been kept in the KGB jail since December 20, 2010 on charges of organizing riots in Minsk, was released from prison in the evening on April 6.

Radina Called Parents: I Ask for Political Asylum Abroad

Editor of «Charter 97» Natalia Radina called her parents on April 6 and informed them of being in a refugee camp of one of the European states. «Natasha has promised to call in a few days to tell her whereabouts. So far, she has said last formalities with the provision of political asylum are being decided,» said the journalist’s mother Nadezhda Radina.

Wednesday, April 6, home of parents of editor «Charter 97» in Kobrin was searched. It was conducted by the local branch of the KGB, as well as the capital’s investigator. They seized the diaries of the journalist, letters of solidarity, received from various countries, including letters to the former head of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel and Foreign Minister of Slovakia Mikulas Dzurinda. In addition, they also confiscated computer of Natalia Radzina’s underage nephew during the search.

Then the KGB attended the work of the journalist’s father — in their words, they were going to conduct another examination. Since the departure of Natalia Radzina from Belarus, who left the country a week ago, parents, brother and aunt of the journalist have been called by the KGB for questioning.

«The voice of Natasha was cheerful, she asked us to stay. If we have survived the prison, we’ll survive these illegal and dishonest attacks on our family as well. I am very happy that I’ve heard her voice, I’ve calmed down,» «Charter 97» quoted Nadezhda Radina.

As Telegraf previously reported, it became known on April 1 that defendant in the «case on December 19,» Natalia Radina, being under recognizance not to leave, left the territory of Belarus. She was detained on the night of December 19-20 in the office of the «Charter 97» and placed in the KGB detention center, from where she was released on recognizance not to leave on January 28. She was charged with organizing and participating in riots, which may entail 15 years imprisonment.

«Free Theatre» didn’t Ask the U.S. for Political Asylum

Leader of «Free Theatre» Nikolai Khalezin denied reports that artists of the troupe had asked the U.S. for political asylum in this country. Some publications have written that «in connection with the procedures for registration of political asylum, artists should stay in the United States.» It was also reported that performances of «Free Theatre» on the stage of the Polish theater, had been canceled in Warsaw.

«In connection with certain «procedures» we probably should be in the U.S., but by strange coincidence, the four men are now in England, two men — in America, others — in Minsk, where they performed the play «New York’79» a few days ago. But we’ll still get to in America in some time, since we begin monthly tours in New York with 39 performances at the LaMama Theatre,» Nikolai Khalezin wrote in his blog. However, he did not specify whether the performances in Warsaw had been canceled or not.

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