Legal Entities' Ruble Deposits Increased by 30% in 2010, National Bank

17.01.2011 10:17
Архив Редакция

Deposits of legal entities in national currency increased by 30% in Belarusian banks in 2010. As of January 1, 2011 they amounted to about Br11.1 trillion, the National Bank of Belarus. Deposits of legal entities in foreign currency increased by 47.8% to Br8.97 trillion ($2.98 billion) over the past year. 

In general, the national and foreign currency deposits of business entities increased by 37.4% to Br20 trillion for the year. The share of deposits in a freely convertible currency accounts for about 88% of all foreign currency deposits of legal entities, while in the partially convertible currency — 12%. About 64% of legal entities’ finance are located in the current (settlement) and other accounts, 36% — term deposits.

As Telegraf previously reported, national and foreign currency deposits of physical persons grew by more than Br4.8 trillion ($1.6 billion), or 26.5% in the Belarusian banks in 2010. They accounted for about Br23 trillion ($7.6 billion) at the beginning of January 2011. Considering all the funds, raised by banks (non-residents, savings certificates and bonds’ placement), this figure amounted to Br24.3 trillion ($8.1 billion), having increased by Br5.6 trillion ($1.8 billion) during the year. On average, Br2.56 million, or $855.3 of savings in bank deposits and certificates, is the share of a Belarusian citizen.