Life:) Against Deprivation of Its Largest 3G-Network Title

21.10.2010 14:06

The mobile operator life:) doesn't agree with the order of the Ministry of Trade to stop the ads usage with the phrase "the largest 3G network in Belarus." This is stated in the commentary of the life:) Belarus general director Ozcan Ermis after the decision of the Ministry of Commerce.

«The mobile operator life:), guided by the law and established in our state rules, received all approvals for use of the phrase «largest 3G network in Belarus» from all the necessary agencies. Ministry of Communications has also given its opinion that the 3G life:) is the largest 3G network in Belarus,» Ozcan Ermis said.

«Right now, without any logical explanation, our company has been sent an order from the Ministry of Commerce to remove advertising for being incompetent. We do not agree with these requirements and want to get clarification on the calculation methods in the first case (when the advertising was agreed) and in the second case (when it was counted incorrect). Is there anything logical in the authority actions if their actions are that contradictory in such a short time span?» life:) CEO in Belarus asks.

In his statement, Ozcan Ermis also indicates that the Ministry of Communications published statistics on October 8, which implies that the network 3G life:) is the biggest in Belarus, BelaPAN. «By all indicators (number of base stations, the number of places) it’s true,»  he said.

«We want the public to hear about this incident of advertising life:) mobile operator and to take the right side in this matter, guided by facts and logic,» Ozcan Ermis said.

The conflict began with the fact that an unnamed citizen had appealed to the Ministry of Commerce with an offer to check out the outdoor advertising of life:) company, where the mobile operator calls its 3G-network the largest one in Belarus. The audit found that in the process of matching models in Minsk city executive committee, the mobile operator provided a letter from the Ministry, confirming that life:) had established the country’s largest number of base stations to support 3G.

However, specialists of the Ministry of Trade has found out that network is a collection of cells with hundreds of base stations. A cell is a basic element of a mobile communication system, defined by radio coverage area, which is provided by a single antenna. It is right in this definition that Ministry of Commerce found a contradiction with the statement of life:), since the value of the network is calculated not only based on the number of base stations, but the radio coverage percent as well. And right here life:) is not the leader. Having come to such a conclusion, monitors demanded to remove the advertisement from the mobile operator’s phrase «the biggest 3G network in Belarus.»

The leading company was not mentioned in the monitoring.