Lithuania Has Questions on Nuclear Plant Construction

26.11.2010 15:56

Latvia "has questions" about the report on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the future nuclear power plants in Belarus. This was stated by Director of the Department for the Prevention of Pollution of the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania Vitalijus Auglis on November 26. According to him, untill Belarus gives official responses to the requests of the Lithuanian side, Lithuania will not approve the construction of the nuclear power plant in Belarus.

According Vitalijus Auglis, Lithuania has repeatedly denounced its position on this matter to the Belarusian side, but hasn’t received any answers to the specific questions. It’s still unclear for Lithuania why they want to build the station 50 km from the Lithuanian Astravets, Lithuanian official said, IA «REGNUM-Belarus

However, head of the National Commission on Radiological Protection at the Council of Ministers, Yakov Kenigsberg, said in Minsk on November 24 that Lithuania had withdrawn all of the earlier objections to the EIA, submitted by Belarus.

«Lithuanian experts removed all objections to the Belarusian EIA report after the last visit to Minsk. We have answered all the questions that troubled the Lithuanian side, and all the contradictions have been removed,» Yakov Kenigsberg said.

As Telegraf reports, the Director of the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Emergency Ministry Vasili Poliukhovich reported  on November 24 that the Safety Analysis Report for Nuclear Power Plant would be continuously developed, even after the completion of construction and commissioning. «That is, each time the examination will be carried out and license will be given,»  the representative of the Emergency Ministry said. Report on the security of the Belarusian nuclear power plant is planned to develop only after the final choice of the investor.